What is Unlisted Equity?

Unlisted equity are traded over the counter but are not listed on stock exchanges are referred to as unlisted equity.

Unlisted equity offers a substantial yet unrealized profit potential. There are more requests for unlisted stock investments due to the increase in retail market participation.

These Unlisted equity frequently see solid growth and have great future prospects in their respective industries. These unlisted shares offer a fantastic investment opportunity, particularly during the pre-IPO stage, with a primary focus on long-term wealth creation.

The listing gains for the IPO of unlisted companies might be considerable. Investors may occasionally be able to purchase firm shares from the promoters or staff before the IPO. They can generate enormous returns with a successful IPO if the appropriate investment is made at the right moment.

Unlisted Equity Share Transactions: A Guide to Buying and Selling Private Company Shares

The transaction process for unlisted equity shares can vary depending on the specific circumstances and agreements between the buyer and seller. However, here’s a general overview of how the transaction might work:

  1. Identification of Parties: The buyer and seller connect and express their interest in transacting unlisted equity shares.
  2. Negotiation: Both parties negotiate and agree on the price, quantity, and terms of the transaction.
  3. Due Diligence: The buyer conducts a thorough assessment of the company’s financials, operations, and prospects to evaluate the investment.
  4. Purchase Agreement: Once negotiations and due diligence are complete, a purchase agreement is drafted, outlining the terms and conditions of the transaction.
  5. Fund Transfer: The buyer transfers the agreed-upon funds to the seller through a secure payment method.
  6. Share Transfer: Upon receiving the funds, the seller transfers the unlisted equity shares to the buyer, often through the company’s share registry or relevant documentation.
  7. Post-Transaction: The buyer becomes the new owner of the unlisted equity shares and may enjoy shareholder rights and benefits.

How does it work?

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As on 11 April 2023

Tentative Quotes For Unlisted Shares

Please note that these tentative quotes are subject to change based on market conditions, demand-supply dynamics, and other relevant factors. The final quote for unlisted shares will be provided after a detailed analysis by our team of financial experts at ANG Finverse.

Sr. No.Company NamePriceFace Value
1AB InBev (Sabmiller)₹ 395.00₹ 10.00
2BAZAR INDIA₹ 38.00₹ 10.00
3BHARAT NIDHI₹ 10,500.00₹ 10.00
4CAPGEMINI TECH.₹ 11,300.00₹ 10.00
5CARE HEALTH₹ 156.00₹ 10.00
6CARRIER AIRCON₹ 308.00₹ 10.00
7CIAL₹ 165.00₹ 10.00
8CSK₹ 167.00₹ 0.10
9EASTERN INVESTMENT₹ 2,180.00₹ 10.00
10ELCID INVESTMENTS₹ 158,000.00₹ 10.00
11ESL₹ 38.00₹ 10.00
12FINO₹ 119.00₹ 10.00
13GKN DRIVELINE₹ 1,165.00₹ 10.00
14HDB FINANCIALS₹ 638.00₹ 10.00
15HDFC SEC.₹ 11,250.00₹ 10.00
16HERO FINCORP₹ 1,080.00₹ 10.00
17HEXAWARE₹ 550.00₹ 2.00
18INDOFIL₹ 671.00₹ 10.00
19INKEL INDIA₹ 11.70₹ 10.00
20IXIGO₹ 95.00₹ 1.00
21KIAL₹ 107.00₹ 100.00
22KURLON ENTERPRISE₹ 551.00₹ 5.00
23MARKET SIMPLIFIED₹ 61.00₹ 10.00
24MERINO₹ 2,735.00₹ 10.00
25MKCL₹ 425.00₹ 10.00
26MOBIKWIK₹ 387.00₹ 2.00
27MOHAN MEAKIN₹ 1,460.00₹ 5.00
28MOTILAL OSWAL₹ 11.20₹ 1.00
29MSEI₹ 0.95₹ 1.00
30NAYARA ENERGY₹ 222.00₹ 10.00
31NCL BUILDTEK₹ 248.00₹ 10.00
32NCL HOLDINGS₹ 75.00₹ 10.00
33ORBIS FINANCIALS₹ 97.00₹ 10.00
34PHARMEASY₹ 19.65₹ 1.00
35PHILIPS INDIA₹ 1,015.00₹ 10.00
36PHILIPS APPLIANCE₹ 613.00₹ 10.00
37RELIANCE RETAIL₹ 2,520.00₹ 10.00
38SIGNIFY INNOVATIONS₹ 2,145.00₹ 10.00
39STERLITE POWER₹ 493.00₹ 2.00
40STUDDS₹ 780.00₹ 5.00
41TATA TECH₹ 868.00₹ 2.00
42TRL₹ 1,650.00₹ 10.00
43INDIA CARBON₹ 955.00₹ 10.00
44PAYMATE₹ 530.00₹ 1.00

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